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Current Exhibition

Peter Campbell-Saunders

5th May - 25th May 2024
Ben Webster final.jpg
Two constants in Peter Campbell Saunders life have been painting and Jazz. For the first time he will bring these two passions together in a series of fourteen, mixed media portraits, of Jazz legends. From Sinatra to Miles Davis, Peter combines vintage posters and photographs with his dynamic impressionistic painting style.

Upcoming  Exhibition

Mimi Saboya I travel, I see, I create. 

26th May - 15th June


Mimi Saboya is a true globetrotter and her artworks are a reflection of her extensive travels. Her work is deeply rooted in the experiences and memories she has collected from her journeys. With her keen eyes for details, Mimi captures special moments and translates them into stunning works of art using a variety of mediums. Her style is primarily abstract, and she masterfully uses elements such as material, light, depth, and texture to create a unique visual experience. Painting is her way of communicating and escaping into a magical and imaginary world. Mimi is passionate about taking viewers on an inner journey, and her art has the power to evoke feelings of well-being and peace. Her work has been exhibited in France and England, and she continues to inspire audiences around the world with her incredible talent. 

Exhibiting with Turner Rowe Art Centre

We have a fabulous galIery wall in the studio to show off your work in all it's glory!  You will have approximately 9m of hanging space, on up to 3 levels with extra plinth space. We provide the hanging service, packaging and sales card costs are included, as well as a private view with snacks and drinks. 

Hiring our wall costs £200 for a for four week period for 2023. With a 25% commission on sales.

We are now booking for 2024 and 2025, where your work will be shown for a period of 3 weeks.  All other terms and conditions remain the same. 

Collectives/groups are welcome. Our stewards work hard on your  behalf, so all you have to do is drop off your work, invite all of your friends, family and clients, publish details on social media then collect any unsold work.  If you would like to exhibit with us, please email or submit our contact form in the first instance.

We are more than happy to offer advice to new exhibitors.  Pop in for a chat!  

Dates for your diary 2024 & 2025

Tobias 25th Feb to 16th march 2024

Skye Tobin 17th March - 13th April 2024

Julien Hatswell 14th April- 4th May 2024 

Peter Cambell-Saunders Sunday 5th May - Sunday 25th May

Mimi Saboya 26th May to 15th June 2024

Irina Mcgahan 16th June to 6th July

Maria Gilbert & Clare Pickett 7th July 2024 - 27th July 2024
Viktor 28th July - 17th August 2024

Christine Wright & Madeline Lawal 18th August - 7th September 2024

Steve McGuinness 8th September - 21st September 2024

David Bryant 22nd September - 12th October

Mixed Show 12th October - 19th  October

Laurence Short 20th October - 2nd November

Alan Collins 3rd November - 23rd November

Karen King 24th November - 14th December

John Watts 15th December - 4th January 2024

Skye Tobin Sunday 20th April - Saturday 10th May 2025

Katrina Dallamore Sunday 11th May - Saturday 31st May 2025

Brian Bartlett Sunday 1st June - Saturday 21st June 2025

Alaster Caulder Sunday 22nd June - Saturday 12th July 2025

Laurence Short 13th July -  2nd August 2025

Peter Saunders New Work 3rd August - 23rd August 2025

Mixed Show Sunday 5th October - Saturday 25th October 2025

Laurence Short 16th November - 6th December 2025


Dates Available for 2025

Go to our booking calendar to secure your exhibition slot with the link below. Please look through our services and click on exhibition wall. 

Exhibition wall - Turner Rowe Art Cent ( 


Sunday 16th February - Saturday 8th March

Sunday 9th March - Saturday 29th March

Sunday 30th March - Saturday 19th April

Sunday 24th August - Saturday 13th September

Sunday 14th - September - Saturday 4th October

Sunday 26th October - Saturday 15th November

Sunday 7th December - 27th December


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