Current Exhibition Exhibition

Local Artists September 20th - October 1st.

We will be showcasing the work of 20 local artists, exhibiting a wide range of media and styles, from acrylics to oils, from stained glass to pyrography, photography to pastels, as well as water colours and inks.

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Upcoming Exhibition

Modest Mouse: A Journey
Vikki Amos October 4th - October 29th

Vikki's journey as an artist took off in March 2021, when she took her sketchbook to her local printer so she could display one of her drawings on her living room wall. This was the start of whirlwind journey for her. 
In the last two years, she has completed 15 commissions and had her work internationally recognised as a finalist in the Sketch for survival 2022 competition, soon to be exhibited in London. 
Wildlife drawings are where she finds most joy, but if another subject sparks her interest and creativity, she'll get stuck in. She mostly works in graphite pencils with some fine liner ink to create depth in the shadows and highlights, but she does enjoy coloured pencils too. 
She is an advocate for the positive influences that art and being creative has on one's mental health, having benefitted from this herself. 
Her printer (Alan at Bastion Art) produces all of her giclée prints (limited to 50 prints each) in his workshop in Dover. 
Vikki has now decided to do her first exhibition at the Turner Rowe Gallery in Ramsgate. Alan has professionally framed the elephant, giraffe, mouse and Deal pier. These will be a special price for her debut exhibition.


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Exhibiting with Turner Rowe Art Centre

We have a fabulous galIery wall in the studio to show off your work in all it's glory!  You will have approximately 9m of hanging space, on up to 3 levels with extra plinth space. We provide the hanging service, packaging and sales card costs are included, as well as a private view with snacks and drinks. 

Hiring our wall costs £200 for a for four week period. Collectives/groups are welcome. Our stewards work hard on your  behalf, so all you have to do is drop off your work, invite all of your friends, family and clients, publish details on social media then collect any unsold work.  If you would like to exhibit with us, please email or submit our contact form in the first instance.  

Dates available for 2023 at today's price.

28th March - 23rd April

6th June - 1st July

29th August - 23rd September

26th September - 21st Oct

28th November - 24th December