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Current Exhibition

Jo Turner & Fran Ballard

January 4th 2023- February 4th 2023

Beside the Sea

Jo and Fran are the faces of the Turner Rowe Art Centre & Gallery.  As a funny (tongue in cheek) double act, they create their own art as well as run the gallery and teach.  In this exhibition, they get to show off the art they create behind the scenes.

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Upcoming  Exhibition

Jane White, Pippa Howard & Greg Edwards

February 5th 2023- February 22nd 2023

Photographie Scenique

Pippa Howard settled in Ramsgate nine years ago after a bit of travel and her time at University where she studied B.A Hons, Fine Art. She has a strong passion for exploring a number of different art forms but photography has always been her favourite medium. Pippa finds it peaceful, going out into the world, camera in hand and letting moments naturally happen. She feels like a collector of moments. A collector of mother nature's mood and treasures. She loves to find beauty in the natural world around us, the overlooked, the small details in the bigger picture and landscapes you could walk right in to. And when she makes a piece, she allows the viewer to come into her space and go on that journey with her.

Greg Edwards is a local photographer from Ramsgate who first took an interest in this art form because he enjoys the peace of being in remote places surrounded by nature, and it gave him the opportunity to stop and look at the world differently. Greg's preferred technique is long exposure. He is inspired by water and movement and has a real passion for astro and night photography. For him its about capturing the unseen. Stars that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and how subjects in the night sky evolve over time. Greg has a natural eye for getting the perfect shot, his images are an amazing collection of landscapes and lifestyle photos.

Jane White has been taking photographs for 45 years. She was given her first camera by her Father, which started her journey.  Jane now prefers the digital technology and editing functions, increasing the scope of her work.  Jane mainly captures landscapes, seascapes and wildlife with her photography.  She spends much of her time out and about looking for inspiration for her shots.  Jane has won awards for her bird photography and is regularly featured on weather and news on the BBC.

Exhibitions: Current Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

Jane White, Pippa Howard & Greg Edwards, Photography  February 5th - February 21st 

Art <100 February 22nd - March 15th

Steven McGuinnes March 28th 2023 - April 22nd 2023

Mixed Show April 23rd 2023 - May 6th, now accepting applications.

Skye Tobin May 9th 2023 - June 3rd 2023

David Bryant June 6th 2023 - July 1st 2023

James Tappenden July 4th 2023 - July 29th 2023

Peter Campbell-Saunders August 1st 2023 - August 26th 2023

Katrina Jean Dallamore August 29th 2023 -September 23rd

Mixed Show 26th September 2023 - 21st October 2023

Alan Collins Photography October 24th 2023 - November 25th 2023

Brian Hodgson 28th November 2023 - 24th December 2023

Exhibitions: Current Exhibitions

Call for Artists

22nd February - 14th March 2023

Exhibitions: Past Exhibitions
Art Gallery

The Turner Rowe Art Centre & Gallery in Harbour Street Ramsgate invites artists to submit works to create an exhibition of work for under £100 (ART <100).

The exhibition will run from Wednesday 22nd February 2023 to Tuesday March 14th.

Submissions close on Wednesday 1st February 2023.


Email us at in the first instance for entry forms.

This is a curated show and successful entries will be emailed by return, with an invoice for the hanging fee of £10 per entry.

• We want to show paintings, photographs, prints and sculpture.

• Please send your completed entry forms along with up to 3 jpeg images to before Wednesday 1st February 2023.

Thanks for submitting!

Exhibitions: Subscribe

Exhibiting with Turner Rowe Art Centre

We have a fabulous galIery wall in the studio to show off your work in all it's glory!  You will have approximately 9m of hanging space, on up to 3 levels with extra plinth space. We provide the hanging service, packaging and sales card costs are included, as well as a private view with snacks and drinks. 

Hiring our wall costs £200 for a for four week period for 2023. With a 25% commission on sales.

We are now booking for 2024, where your work will be shown for a period of 3 weeks.  All other terms and conditions remain the same. 

Collectives/groups are welcome. Our stewards work hard on your  behalf, so all you have to do is drop off your work, invite all of your friends, family and clients, publish details on social media then collect any unsold work.  If you would like to exhibit with us, please email or submit our contact form in the first instance.  

Dates Available for 2024

Sunday 25th February - Saturday 16th March

Sunsay 17th March - Saturday 13th April

Sunday 14th April - Saturday 4th May

Sunday 5th May - Saturday 25th May

Sunday 26th May - Saturday 15th June

Sunday 16th June - Saturday 6th July

Sunday 7th July - Saturday 27th July

Sunday 28th July - Saturday 17th August

Sunday 18th August - 7th September

Sunday 8th September - Saturday 28th September

Sunday 29th September - Saturday 12th October

Sunday 13th October - Saturday 2nd November

Sunday 3rd November - Saturday 23rd November

Sunday 24th November - Saturday 7th December

Sunday 8th December - Saturday 28th December

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